Pete Downing

Pete Downing is a wildlife photographer based in Nailsworth, Stroud.

Pete has been fortunate enough to travel widely in his quest for wildlife images and his favourite locations include South Georgia and Bird Island in the Seychelles. However he has also embarked upon his ‘garden project’ with the aim of trying to create interesting and unusual images of the local wildlife right outside his back door.

He has won several awards including two in the 2013 Travel Photographer of the Year, ironically the winning images were taken in Gloucester and Droitwich so not an awful lot of travel was involved!

These images were made in Yellowstone National Park in January/February 2018 and represent a move towards a more minimalist style showcasing animals within their environment as well as close-up portraits. He is particularly inspired by two fellow wildlife photographers Vincent Munier and the young Belgian Michel D’Oultremont. (who was also in Yellowstone at the time of his visit)

More of Pete’s work can be seen below and on his website: