Nettie Edwards

Nettie Edwards trained and worked for 25 years as a theatrical designer then developed personal practice of socially-engaged, lens-based research and documentation. Work with Gloucestershire’s Gypsy and Traveller families “All Those That Belong To Us” was awarded a Wingate Scholarship. Since 2009 she has combined Mobile technology (iPhones) and historical photographic printing processes (most notably, Anthotypes: prints made with plant emulsions). Her work has won many awards including ax3 American Aperture Awards Mobile Photographer of the Year, Landscape, Seascape and Nature Photographer of the Year and Mobile Video and Moving Image Maker of the Year (2013) also Winner of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award (Fine Art category) exhibited internationally including The Fox Talbot Museum Museum, Lacock Abbey.
“This series of images marks the moment when my sensibilities as a theatrical designer began to manifest themselves within my Landscape Photography. It was also the start of a long period of working in black and white. Stripping away colour enabled me to depict my personal vision of this magnificent garden’s structure and atmosphere.”
“The photographs were shot on an iPhone 4S.  I have produced prints of them utilising a number of historical photographic processes including salt printing, cyanotype, polymer photogravure and Anthotype. The final image is an Anthotype made with Sweet Pea Emulsion…” To view the gallery click on any of the thumbnails