The organisation of PhotoStroud is very loose and allows a few individuals who love photography to present, to as many people as possible, photographic work which interests and excites them.

The name "PhotoStroud" was coined way back in 2007 when Fred Chance and Carlos Ordonez brought together a Photo Festival in their home town in Gloucestershire. They delighted in the vibrant arts community which makes Stroud a very special place but were aware that photography was not as commonly seen as other art forms.

They had important support at that time from Martin Parr whose interest and enthusiasm for all things photographic is as well known as his own highly influential work. The equally important 31 Studio, known around the world for their fine Platinum Printing opened their archive to make the festival the success it was.

At the moment two local photographers, Fred Chance and Kel Portman are working together on new initiatives. 

Advice and help is available in the district around Stroud from a range of photographers who are part of an email linked network and a collection of frames are available on loan to people who want to exhibit work and find the presentation costs difficult. These frames are of very fine quality and were made and donated to PhotoStroud by Creative Picture Framing of Cirencester ... www.thepictureframers.co.uk We are very grateful to Creative Picture Framing and also to Five Valleys Photography  ... http://www.fivevalleys.co.uk where photographer Ian Saddler stores the frames. This facility has enabled the exhibition of hundreds of photographs in recent years.