Stroud is a market town in the south of Gloucestershire, UK where, as luck would have it, a wide range of artists have made their home. We enjoy a cultural calendar of events here including Theatre, Film, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Music and Textiles. Creative writing and poetry are very much in evidence and often to be found alongside other arts experiences in publications, performance and exhibitions.

Photostroud is part of this cultural network celebrating and supporting local photographers whilst bringing into the area examples of work from practitioners throughout the world. This website along with publications and exhibitions is part of this process.

The Slad Brook Chapbook

A collaboration between PhotoStroud and Yew Tree Press has produced a regular magazine called the Slad Brook Chapbook which celebrates and links good contemporary writing and images.

The Chapbook appears every couple of months and can be purchased as individual copies or by subscription at a reduced rate. It is a totally non-profit making venture and exists only to share work that the editors have seen and liked. Cash raised from the sale of one issue simply funds the printing of the next one.

For more information about contributing to the Slad Brook Chapbook or details about how to purchase copies please contact Philip Rush at Yew Tree Press by visiting the website here…


31 Years of 31 Studio

The world renowned platinum printers 31 Studio have their home in the Stroud valleys. In 2007 their generosity resulted in a spectacular exhibition of some of the greatest examples of photography from its earliest days to the 21st century.

2019 marks the 31st anniversary of 31 Studio and to mark the event they have allowed PhotoStroud to organise a second exhibition. Remarkably, the images chosen for this show are quite different from those presented 12 years ago and still they represent a range of iconic photographs showcasing the best of the photographer’s and the printer’s craft.

Pete Downing

Pete Downing is a wildlife photographer based in Nailsworth, Stroud. He has been fortunate enough to travel widely in his quest for wildlife images and his favourite locations include South Georgia and Bird Island in the Seychelles. However he has also embarked upon his ‘garden project’ with the aim of trying to create interesting and unusual images of the local wildlife right outside his back door.

He has won several awards including two in the 2013 Travel Photographer of the Year, ironically the winning images were taken in Gloucester and Droitwich so not an awful lot of travel was involved!

To see more information and more images click o the picture bellow.

Cuban Photographs

In April 2012  four photographers met briefly at an exhibition in Havana launched by the Cuban photography collective Fototeca. Two were visitors from the United Kingdom, one was American and the fourth was one of the most celebrated living photographers working in Cuba today....... (Click to see more)