Pete Downing

PhotoStroud is pleased to be able to share the work of wildlife photographer Pete Downing with these recent images made on a trip to America's Yellowstone National Park. To find out  more about his photographic practice and see a gallery of his images click on the image below…


Cuban Photographs

In April 2012  four photographers met briefly at an exhibition in Havana launched by the Cuban photography collective Fototeca. Two were visitors from the United Kingdom, one was American and the fourth was one of the most celebrated living photographers working in Cuba today....... (Click to see more)

Dan Hayon and Philip Rush

Dan Hayon and Philip Rush are storytellers. Both use photography to weave ideas into poetry, tales and jokes and to add a rich element into how we all see the world around us.

To see the work they have made available to PhotoStroud Click on the images here.

Philip Rush

Dan Hayon